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Privacy & Cookie Policy

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is straightforward, simple and easy to understand. We comply with the new GDPR policy here in the UK.

All your personal and confidential information is just that. We will not share or pass any of the information you supply us with any other companies, organisations or individuals unless required to do so by law.

The information provided by you to us is only used and shared within our organisation and used by Directors, Department managers and support staff to allow daily duties to be carried out.

Any employee found to be in breach of this Privacy Policy is subject to instant dismissal.

Cookie Policy

Our Cookie Policy is straightforward, simple and easy to understand.

When visiting our website you will see a banner at the bottom of our site which shows our cookie policy. You are given the option to find out more or to accept the cookie policy. When you click the accept button we will place a small file that asks your permission, if permitted the file will be added to your computer and will help us to analyses traffic to our website, which will track behaviour of users.


We do not track individual usage nor do we tie the cookie to any of your personal information. Cookies allow various applications to respond to you as an individual based on your preferences. When you are visiting our website it is entirely private and anonymous.

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