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Client Terms & Conditions

Your very own dedicated team of PA's answering in your company name.

Client Terms & Conditions

The Company:


Your Professional PA Limited is a telephone answering and virtual reception service company supporting SME and corporate sized businesses throughout the UK. In order to create an account with us you are required to complete registration process. When submitting information to us you confirm the information is correct and if we believe you have supplied us with false information we have the right to terminate your account and service at any time. Your Professional PA Limited will comply with the Data Protection Laws here in the UK along with our own Privacy Policy.


We may alter these terms and conditions and our fees at any time and in doing so, we will provide the client with one months written notice.


The Client:


The client agrees to the company's terms and conditions. The clients continues use of the service deems acceptances to our terms and conditions and pricing.


Our Website:


This website is owned and operated by the company, Your Professional PA Limited. We may at any time make amends to this site. We do not guarantee that our website will always be available and uninterrupted and therefore the company will not be held liable for this. By continuing to use and search this website you agree to our website standard terms and conditions in addition to these terms and conditions of business found on this page.


Our website may contain links to other external websites, please note once you have clicked those links and leave our website we have no control over that website therefore the company can not be held responsible for any information or on goings that you provide to that website. In addition to the above domain the company also owns, and


It you experience any issues with our website or have any questions or queries regarding it, you can contact our in house IT department via email on


Online Account:


The company may provide the client with access to an online account to view there messages and call handling instructions which they can amend free of charge, the company can at any time suspend / revoke access . The client agrees to keep there login information confidential and secure and if they believe there password as been compromised they should contact Customer Services immediately on 0333 567 1251 or


Service Pricing:


When taking a service with the company we will make you aware of all fees payable for the call package or service that you choose. Prices are stated in the online agreement. Once signed you agree to your call package pricing and to be bound to our terms and conditions of business. All prices other wise stated excludes VAT. VAT is payable at the standard rate of 20%.


Price Match Promise:


The company promises to beat any other quote the client receives from another service provider. When taking a service you will be subject to our Terms and Conditions of Business.

Call Patching and Message Delivery:


Call patching can be provided if the client requests it. The company will patch callers through to the clients choice of phone number, UK land line or mobile phone. Call patching to land lines is charged at £0.15p per minute and £0.25p per minute to mobiles. The company does not charge the client for unsolicited sales and marketing calls / wrong numbers. The company takes extreme care when transcribing messages on behalf of the client, however the company does not accept any responsibility for any errors in messages taken or the loss of any revenue. The company will not be held liable by the client for the failure to store or the delivery of messages via email, SMS text message or fax.


Email telephone messages will come from; SMS text messages will display YPPA as the contact name.




Upon request from the client, the company will provide free of charge weekly / monthly call log reports detailing the number of calls handled which can support raised invoices.


Service Operational Hours:


The company will try to answer all clients calls that come into our switchboard in a timely manner, normally within 10 seconds however during unexpected high call volumes we may take longer to answer calls which could result in some calls being missed.


All client's calls will be answered live in the clients company name during the hours set out in clients call package.


Core operational hours for the company are Monday to Friday 8am to 6:30pm. If for any reason the client experiences a problem with there service they should make contact with the Customer Services Department via telephone on 0333 567 1251 and speak with the on duty supervisor.


Please note the clients main allocated PA may not always be available to answer all calls in the clients company name during each working week, weekend or after core operational hours. As the clients allocated PA works in a small dedicated team the clients calls may be answered by a member of their team.


FREE Trial:


The company's one week FREE trial allows new businesses the ability to test the company's telephone answering service FREE of charge. It is one trial per client, per business or company and includes the ''Message Taking'' service with 20 calls answered in the clients company name. Once the client as reached 20 calls the company will contact the client to see if they wish to continue. If the client wishes to continue the client will be required to make payment and accept our terms and conditions. Free trial setups are available during the companies core operational hours of Monday to Friday 8am to 6:30pm only. FREE trials may be withdrawn at any time by the company.


Service Failure:


The client will not hold the company liable for any breach of contract. The client will not withhold any fees or payments or demand a refund as a result of a service failure. The client will not hold the company liable or deemed to be in breach of contract for the delay in performing services to the client in any way.


The company does not accept any liability for any loss that may be construed as the consequence of errors made, services provided or the actions of the company's employees and staff.



Data Protection:


Any confidential information received from the client and any calls and messages will be treated as strictly confidential. Information will only be passed to organisations if we are required to do so by law. It is the clients responsible to be registered with the Data Protection Act 1995 with regards to holding and passing data to the company. The client acknowledges and accepts that personal data will be processed by and on behalf of the company in connection with the provision of services.




The company takes security very seriously and it is important to keep client information confidential and secure. The company cannot guarantee confidentiality or security of client information and therefore the company will not be held liable for this failure.


Soliciting Staff:


For a period of 6 months following the cancellation of the clients services / agreement, the client will not encourage any employees of the company to leave it's services or do anything further. If a client is found to have assisted any employees of the company this would be a breach of these terms and conditions. The client would be required to pay damages to the company.

Invoices and Payments:


When signing up to the service the client is required to pay the first month's fee in advance, this is to activate the clients service, payment is payable to the company upon receipt via credit/debit card or bank transfer. A completed direct debit mandate must be signed and returned to the company in order for services to go live.


All monthly fees are payable in advance via direct debit. If the clients direct debit fails the company will charge the client a fee of £12.00 per failed collection, The client will then be required to make a manual payment to bring the account back up to date.


If the client fails to pay an invoice on time the client will be liable for late payment fees. The company reserves the right to charge an interest rate of 4% on the invoice balance per month.


All monthly invoices are to be made payable to the company within 7 days from the invoice issue date every month. All monthly payments are collected by direct debit. If direct debit is not an option payment can be made via credit/debit card, bank transfer however this option is at the managers discretion. The company does not accept cheque as a payment method.


The company reserves the right to charge a service deposit. Any deposits the client pays for services will be held against the clients account and will be returned to the client providing all invoices are cleared. If invoices are outstanding the deposit held will be used to clear any outstanding invoices with any money remaining returned to the client via a bank transfer or cheque.


All monthly invoices for services are raised and issued on the 1st of every month via email to the email address provided by the client upon sign up. Invoices will not be posted to the companies registered office address unless requested by the client, please note a administration fee of £1.50 will apply.


If the client fails to pay an invoice on time the company will issue two payment reminders via email to the email address given upon sign up, requesting payment within five working days from each reminder. If payment is not received within 5 working days from the second reminder being issued, the clients services will be suspend and details passed to the Credit Control Department, where a final demand will be issued to the client. Payment is required within 5 working days from the demand being issued however if payment is still outstanding the company will pass the clients details onto to an outside Debt Collection Agency to collect the debt owed to the company. If services are suspended the client will then be invoiced for the one months notice period. The company will charge a fee of £12.00 per payment reminder and a fee of £24.00 for issuing a final demand.


Service Complaints:


If the client is unhappy with the service provided by the company the client should make a complaint by sending an email to All complaints must be put in writing to the company.


Service Termination / Cancellation:


The company reserves the right to terminate services should payment not be received on the due dates stated on invoices.


The client agrees to give the company one months notice in writing should the client wish to cancel there services via email to


If the client wishes to cancel their telephone answering service but wishes to keep the phone number provided by the company, the client can request for this number to be re-routed through to any UK land line or mobile phone number of the clients choice. A fee of £35.00 will apply for the re-routing of their phone number. This fee will apply each time the client wishes to re-route. Please note a monthly fee for the telephone number will then become payable at £7.50.




To make a claim for a refund please put your request in writing by emailing

0333 567 1250

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